Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year, New Leaf

This new leaf shot up and was ready to present itself to the world right around the first of the year, and I've enjoyed watching it unfurl a bit more every day since. As of today it's almost completely open, but it has a way to go before it will reach its final height:

I've had this plant for almost a year and it's been growing like crazy despite having done nothing to it other than watering and the occasional dose of fertilizer. Because to be a houseplant around here means being easy to grow and unfussy...or being subjected to a slow, tortuous death. Because I refuse to nurse picky plants. Just ask my (former) lemon tree.
Anyway, I think I got this one at IKEA for $19.99, and as with all new houseplant acquisitions, I wasn't expecting too much but for that price, having it here as long as it would take me to kill it would have meant me feeling like I got my moneys' worth.
But grow and thrive it has, and I'm thrilled, because one of the things I've always thought would be fun for this house is huge, tall plants. I even went so far as to start researching bamboos that were indoor container friendly, but I talked myself out of that because it seemed like most of the varieties that were easy to grow indoors either weren't tall or weren't suited to the light conditions in here. Plus they were expensive and hard to get.
But, ready or not, it seems I may be well on my way to having my first huge, tall plant, as I've now got going on ten feet of what I think is a species of Musa (aka banana). But I'm dreading having to repot it more and more with each new leaf addition, because aside from the physical challenge that will be getting it out of its existing pot and into a new one unharmed, big pots are way, way expensive. Like hundreds of dollars expensive.
So the only other comment I have on that subject is the thing better not freakin croak after I buy it a $300 new pot...

don't buy a pot--make one using your concrete tutorial! do it!
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