Friday, January 09, 2009

No Short Bus for PupCake

Ahh Greyhounds.
No matter how well adjusted and happy, they always seem to be just a little bit neurotic, like it or not.
Unlike most normal dogs, PupCake has never, ever shown any interest in getting up on the furniture. To this day, he's never been on any sofa or chair in the house, preferring any one of his three beds to those lowly human perches. And our bed? Forget it. He's never even considered it. So while it's sort of nice that I dont' have to worry about every comfortable sitting and lying surface in the house getting dog-ified, it's also hard not to take it a little bit personally when I try and get him to jump up on the bed for a snuggle and he runs away in fear to his own bed and then shoots me a look that proclaims "safe!"
It's like he doesn't get that the people bed is a prized and comfortable place to lie.
And silly me, I was almost ready to believe he was really that ignorant, but you'll note I said Greyhounds are neurotic, not stupid. They only pretend to be stupid, as evidenced by the fact that PupCake's human-beds-are-scary rule applies only to his home.
I know this because every time we go to grandmas, the first thing he does is jump right up onto her bed and make himself comfortable, with a look like "um, duh, why wouldn't I choose to lie here?'s a BED for dogs' sake". It's the craziest thing ever, and I have to say that the first time it happened I was more than slightly relieved to know he wasn't so much of a short bus rider that he didn't know a comfy spot from a danger zone.
Anyway, even after lots of human bed practice at grandmas, the the only way Dad's gonna get some PupCake love when he's in bed with a headache is if someone physically puts him up which case he settles right in and proceeds to hog every inch of space. Because the (furry) guy's got a lot of leg, you know?

The fabric wallhanging is gorgeous. Would you be willing to share where others can purchase one?
I sewed it. the print is an alexander henry print called "zinnia" IIRC
Awwww... What a cutie!
I love your blog, so I'm loath to insert a comment that sounds negative, but please!--it's a place "to lie," not "to lay"--unless PupCake is secretly a chicken. . . .
oohhh thanks Au. I hear you. I'm a grammar moron but I have a few of those kinds of pet peeves myself.
Fixed, and to be remembered from now on (I hope)!
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