Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Partners in Caffeine Crime

A while back your friend and mine, Mariko over super eggplant at gifted me these neato insulated Bodum cups:

I dunno if she was aware of my Bodum obsession prior to that or not, but it was a gift that hit the mark, because as I think I've told you before, I am and have always been completely obsessed with all things Bodum and borosilicate glass.
And so they got a lot of use. And ever since Boy gave up drinking Mountain Dew a few months ago (gack! Yay Boy!), he's become quite the coffee fiend. So despite the fabulous win that is having a new coffee maker in residence, we often found ourselves fighting for rights to the one remaining Bodum insulated cup...because one of our lameass kitties broke the other one.

Anyway, I figured it was time to invest in a few more cups so the other day I paid a visit to the delicious Bodum website to pick up a couple more sets, and while I was there I just couldn't resist getting some of the larger cooler-size glasses to match. Because they were all on sale for like LESS than half price. But, what with coffee being the slippery slope that it is, it didn't take long for Boy to discover that what goes down easy from a small cup, goes down even better with a large one:

And of course I was quick to follow him down that hole.
That co-dependence thing, ya know.

p.s. I just checked, and they're still on sale. Practically free. Seriously.

You just had to mention a sale, didn't you? I'm headed over there right now! Also right now, I'm drinking my second cup of coffee out of my Bodum flower pot glass (I call it the flower pot because it has that ridge like, you know, flower pots). I like having a variety of sizes so I can have the right glass for each coffee-drinking occasion.
Yep, I'm going to have to check it out too. Every glass on our wedding registry was one of these bodum double-walled. We ended up with representatives from probably 5 or 6 of their shapes. My favorite are the itty bitty espresso cups! Started with 4, down to 2 of those, and would love to find more! Thanks for the tip!
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