Monday, January 19, 2009

Spinach Mushroom Pizza, My Favorite!

I had some spinach and a container of mushrooms burning a hole in my produce drawer all week, and the obvious answer came to me yesterday afternoon when trying to figure out what yumminess we could conjure up for dinner without leaving the house.
That yumminess, for me anyway, turned out to be spinach-mushroom pizza:

This one with just goat cheese, because I am at the point of being almost completely unable to deal with anything cows' milk other than yogurt.

The spinach-mushroom combo is an old favorite of mine that more or less fell out of favor when I met my mushroom hater, but fortunately for us all, I also had some ham in the fridge, and according to Boy, "anything with ham is my favorite". So that's his ham and mozzarella pizza there in the back.
Suprisingly it smelled pretty good, but it was nowhere near as inviting as my garlic-y pile of sauteed spinach and mushroom love.

And I still have the leftovers waiting for me in the fridge. One of the many bonuses of living with a mushroom hater.

Have you tried TJ's pizza dough? It's so good.
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