Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who Wants Cake?

I was at Costco the other day to pick up my first new pair of glasses in 11 years (and some Cheerios. did you know they have gargantuan, doublewide boxes of Cheerios at Costco for like $5?). And yes, my first new glasses in 11 years, because I hate glasses and feel like I'm swimming when I wear them so I only use them to read in bed or when I first get up, but my previous pair had lost a nosepiece about three years ago and wearing them like that was starting to bug me. So I figured I'd give Costco optical a try, and it turns out you can get a decent looking pair of glasses for like $150 total, AND they have disposable contacts IN STOCK.
Anyway, in the vision department, that whole adventure was a major win, but my point is that I was also looking for media because I was desperate for something to read. And I did find a book I was interested in, and one of the other things I came across was this recipe book/magazine by Americas Test Kitchen. Not something I would typically buy, the overpriced little recipe compilation issues of magazines, but I do like the ATK TV show even though I commonly find their recipe tweaks and methods to be completely over the shark (most recently, spending 6 hours carmelizing onions in the oven for onion soup, or putting vodka in pastry crust, because nothing about pie crust is so difficult as to require me keeping chilled vodka on hand).
Anyway, I decided it was probably a worthwhile purchase despite being deeply offended by the Tiramisu recipe that calls for rum (um, hello? rum? marsala or Frangelico or it's not Tiramisu). And that shameful wrongness aside, I found several recipes I would make and gleaned some great tips, like tossing the potato wedges for oven fries in cornstarch before baking them to get them crispier.

And then I decided to make the recipe for Texas Sheet Cake, because I had the ingredients on hand and I needed a sugar fix.
And now I have a sheet cake here, that is, well, Texas-sized.
um, duh.
So come on over if you feel like some cake.

p.s. thanks for the replies about heartbreaking work. i feel so much better!

Tossing your potatoes in flour/cornstarch, anything powdery or starchy is great. I do this with chicken wings too...then toss in sauce after they are baked. Hot sauce for the adults and ketchup/soy sauce/maple syrup for the kids.
Yum! I want cake!!!
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