Monday, February 16, 2009

More Robotic Craftiness

The eye cookie?... from Saturday's post reminded me that I have been intending to do a royal icing cookie tutorial for ages. And I sort of recalled having taken a bunch of in-progress photos on that subject long, long ago, but when I finally tracked those images down, it turns out they all sort of suck. Which would explain why I never got around to writing up the tutorial. So I'm going to revisit that project for the sole purpose of showing you just how it's done, because it's a fun and easy edible craft that's SO not as hard as it looks. Besides, I didn't get to eat enough of the Valentine batch which means I still have a craving for them, so yea, it's partly about indulging my sugar addiciton, too. I can promise you that the finished cookies are a surefire way to impress anyone who loves a good cookie and they make excellent gifts or party favors, so stay tuned for the full how-to coming soon.

Here's the fruits of todays' (and Fridays) labor:

find it in my Etsy shop just as soon as I can get some better pics.

Hope everyone survived their Monday!


I love this!
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