Thursday, February 26, 2009

Return of Squishee

Herrow friends! Dis is da Mast-o-Dog speakin to tells you dat my mommie fwinally got around to da restuffin of ma bed. I am wreel happy abowt dis on acoutnta dat my old bed was knot squishee at all anymore, wich my mommie sez is becuz dat was wonna dem el cheepo beds fwom cause co. So herbs twook out all dat fwattened stuffin and put in dis stuff she cawls shwedded memery fowam, froms da upowlstery swupply. An lemme tells yoo, it is fwantabulously cwomfortable, sos dad I doo not entend to git up at awl tooday. I ams just gonna sweep and reewax on dis new bed foreber!

and as if dat was knot enuf, herbs eben restuffind ma up stares bed, too! isn't dat just da bwestest thing eber? twoo squishified noo beds!

pee.ess. it is snowen awot here, sos dat it is now compweetwe white out dere, wich makes da entended pwan to sweep and reewax all day eben more pwerfekt!


I love pup cake.
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