Monday, March 02, 2009

Now Playing Next Door

So Big Love?
We've been watching it up on DVD over the last couple of months, and I have to say that the more episodes I see, the more I am creeped out by the similarities between the characters on that show and my neighbors.

As in my real life neighbors, in their real life. Other than the polygamy thing, that is.

Now, I am not one to want to talk snark about my neighbors because, superficially at least, they are seriously the best, least offensive neighbors one could possibly ask for, but they're a little outside the boundary of what I consider the spectrum of normal. And sometimes I just have a hard time keeping my observations about their whole deal to myself.
Especially when life imitates art.

So, outside the boundary of normal, as in they have a double digit number of kids. All theirs. And showing no signs of stopping. We're talking a constant state of pregnancy or having just given birth.

And outside the boundary of normal in that the girls and women don't wear shorts or tank tops, ever. Or cut their hair. Or style their hair beyond a braid down the middle of their back. And no makeup, ever.

And everyone, including every member of whatever clan or sect or family they're from that we've ever seen, dresses like they could be stand-in's for the Juniper Creek characters, and Nikki, on Big Love.

So yea. Creepy.

Yikes! I've become addicted to Big Love too - darn that free 3-month HBO promotion...My husband doesn't get it - I try to explain to him that it's like when you drive by an accident - you know you shouldn't look, but yet you have to look...LOL
I am so into Big Love. I want to go back and re-watch it from the beginning because I think I missed stuff from the earlier episodes. It is such a strange show and I am inexplicably hooked. Neighbors like Juniper Creek--now that is intriguing!!
and it's just so SPOT ON with how it portrays the (IMO) creepy/bizarre/... religiosity that defines Utah and its politics and culture. It's like a whole nuther country.
Yep, creepy. I live in the west, so I'm familiar.
They could also be Pentecostal Christians.
I worked with a gal that was one - women don't wear pants (only skirts/dresses) and they don't cut their hair. Has something to do with what the Bible says about the crown of the head (I'm not much up on my Bible reading).
Just a thought.
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