Thursday, April 02, 2009

Notes on the Arrival of Assorted Good Stuff

Just a quick update/follow-up to my previous post about
If you read that were and were skeptical or curious about whether it actually works or about what kinds of books you could actually hope to get, here's a peek at what we've received so far:

A pretty decent looking pile of stuff, no? And that shot isn't even including the two books I've already read and re-posted. With the exception of one book with water damage that shouldn't have been swapped (and that I requested and recieved a credit refund for), everything that's shown up has been new or like new. Nothing old or dirty or don't-wanna-touch-it creepy looking, and all for nothing!
I must say, I've been pleasantly surprised, and not only am I loving the whole swappy-recycling-ness of the site, it also sort of restores my faith in humanity a bit, this whole trading thing. So if you've signed up but not posted any books or done any swapping yet, get over there and do it. You won't be sorry.

And then, remember yesterday when I complained about being impatient with messing around with graphics programs on the computer?
I believe that problem has been solved by todays' visit from the UPS man:

...or it will be just as soon as Boy comes home and makes it work with my Linux machine(s?). Because I was given semi-explicit instructions not to try and get it working myself, which was either him being nice and keeping in mind that I am the person who washes his undies, or him worrying about me just screwing stuff up and making more work for him, I'm not sure. But whatever. T-minus a couple of hours to graphics tablet goodness! EEEEEEEEeeeee!

Do I need to warn you to prepare yourselves for impending digital art geekery?

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Ohhhh, looks so pretty!
is that "Dragons of Autumn Twilight"?
? it's one of those sword-gnome-dragon-wizard magic spell kind of books. do I need to mention it's NOT mine?
I figured... :) Just wondering if I've read it since I've read a book or two like that.
I joined in the past couple of weeks, too, and have been utterly delighted with it! Everything I've gotten has been in tremendous condition...what a great idea.
Have fun with the Bamboo. I have an older Graphire table and use it a lot. The software that comes with the Bamboo is nice, too (Elements and Corel).

If you haven't tried it yet, give InkScape a try. I've been able to make some nice drawings with it while I've never been able to actually create something with Gimp/Photoshop... other than swapping people's heads in photographs. Ahh, yes, nothing funnier than that.

yo Stan. Yea, I have InkScape on my to-do list. Meanwhile, I've actually taken some time to read a bit of the the Gimp user documentation (after ten years, go figure). I think I learned more in an hour than the sum total of everything I knew previously.
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