Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kitty Undertail

Admit it.
You cat people have always wondered just exactly how they curl those paws up underneath themselves when they turn into muffinkitties.

The secret has been revealed.

M-Ah undertail

Now if that's not a reason to have a glass floor, I dunno what is.
And since we're on the subject, I still find it curious that dogs, whether it be ours or visitors, won't set foot out on the glass, while cats seem totally unaffected by it. What does that say about their respective intellegence, do you think?

That's hilarious! Thanks for solving one of the great mysteries of life!!
That is way cool!

I think the cats on glass vs dogs on glass might have to do with cats having retractable claws and dogs don't?
This photo is the reason the Internet was invented! LOVE it!
Love it .. I've always wondered how they do that with their front paws .. sorta just making everything disappear. Great new use of the catwalk.

Cats seem to love heights - while dogs are naturally more down to earth. Though one of my dogs has some goat-like traits - wanting to be high up and check out the view.
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