Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coincidentally Speaking

Some soon-to-be-married friends of ours invited us on a celebratory adventure on that thing, the Pedal Pub last weekend.

I know, what a crazy fun idea, right? It's basically the perfect combination of two of my favorite, most obsessed-about things: exercize and cocktails.
What could be better?!
It was a blast, but not being a cyclist means my butt still hurts. But it was a fair trade, trust me.

Anyway, a couple of super fun coincidences that I have to share...

Boy and I spent the previous afternoon at a family picnic, and after having eaten a bunch of food and consumed two gin and tonics, I was sleepy. I said "someone needs to invent coffee beer!"

Fast forward to the next day on the Pedal Pub: the almost-groom opens the cooler full of adult beverages he had brought and offers up, much to my surprise and excitement, a Surly Coffee Bender:

Hello Splatgirl, your wish has been granted!!
The conversation that followed with folks that are much more beer-ie than I informs me that there are acutally several coffee beers out there, which a quick Google confirms. Like Surly, most of them seem to be local, so your mileage may vary. I can tell you that the Minneapolis-brewed Coffee Bender was surprisingly delicious and it's one that I'm definitely going to pick up next time I'm on a beer run at someplace other than my lameass city-owned liquor store.

OK, so imagine that I really have three favorite things. And at this point, two of them, exercize and alcohol, are already being partaken of. So what could possibly make the event better, you ask? Because yea, it really does get even better...

Our groom, with what was quite possibly the most genius party snack idea ever other than mini Bombay Sliders....

It was !!!!BACON!!!!

Our host had cooked and stashed delicious crispy bacon in a cooler with a hot pack, and it was the most freakin' perfect goes-with-drinking-and-exercize snack food since the invention of the tortilla chip. Seriously people, can you even believe what a ridiculously great thing this was, as we're pedaling along and sipping cocktails? TO HAVE BACON TO MUNCH ON?

Let me just proclaim that from this day forward may no cocktail party ever, EVER go without cooked bacon as a snack.

It was stupid awesome.

So a couple of days later my neighbor comes over and asks how the Pedal Pub adventure was, and I'm telling her "it was so much fun...cocktails and exercize all at the same know, two of my absolute most favorite things."
And....I shit you not, she said: "so about the only way that could have gotten any better is if there had been bacon?"



p.s. did you know you can get gin and tonic in a can, too? And champagne, with a straw! Clearly I have not been doing enough drinking outside the home, as I had no idea such fabulousness existed in cans.

I have an espresso stout sitting in my fridge right now, waiting for the weather to cool down a bit.
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