Thursday, August 13, 2009

Red and Shiny

I love these shoes so much it should be illegal.

I love these shoes

They are like the perfect storm of shoe cuteness, and I am dizzy over their fabulousness.

I'm showing them to you because they are new, and because it's been a very, VERY long time since I've found a pair of fabulous, frivilous shoes that I absolutely couldn't live without.

These shoes have made my decade. And all for a measley $80.
I'm a simple girl, what can I say.

I think If I were to inventory my last twenty shoe purchases prior to last weekend, it would be 8 or 9 pairs of Keens, several pairs of running shoes and maybe a pair of Target flip flops.
Because really, other than running, the only time my Keen flip flops leave my feet in any given week is if I am in some sort of trouble or have an appointment and need to dress like an adult for a couple of hours.

This from a girl who used to be a major shoe (and shopping) whore.

I can't figure out what happened to me, even still, but several years ago I went from being a shopping maniac to hating shopping with a passion. It was like flipping a switch. And while I have less to wear now, I never go anyplace anyway so it sort of works out. And my pocketbook is much, much happier.

They hurt my feet, these shiny new red shoes (as frivilous shoes are wont to do), but I will forgive them because they are just so freaking adorable.

So yea, if you see a crazy girl hobbling down the street wearing these shoes, it is probably me.

Gee-orgeous shoes!! I had to go get chiropractically wracked today, so, I will have to drool on cute shoes from afar...
They are beautiful. The kind of shoes you look for an excuse to wear.
:so jealous:

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