Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Black Friday Fallout

Announcing the arrival of some totally awesome treasure:

orange boots

Laugh at me if you must, but I have been pining away for an obnoxious pair of cowgirl boots for YEARS. I oogle them online constantly (darn you zappos), but the ones I like are always crazy expensive and being just a cowgirl poseur myself, I could never really justify buying a ~$500 pair of boots. But then it was black Friday and I was sitting around being lazy and some random twitter comment gave me the shoe shopping bug. So I was over at 6pm.com (they're the sale zappos site if you didn't know) where I might possibly have been buying other shoes, too, when I saw these very expensive boots on sale for like 75% off and the deal was done. And after having to return the first pair I got because it was damaged (props to 6pm for having the same great customer service you know and love from zappos) and then waiting and hoping the LAST PAIR of my size would be ok, they arrived, and they are in fact, ok. AND I LOVE them. And they fit, which I was super skeptical about being that I have some wideass cavegirl feet.
Obnoxious boots, HURRAY!

p.s. cowgirl boot soles are slippery! anyone know what I do about this?

They're crazy cool.
Maybe scuff up the bottoms with some sand paper??
use your keys to scratch some traction into the soles or take them to a shoe repair and get them to put a grippy sole on. it'll be $20 well spent
i have a pair of cowboy "boot" mules that have soles slippier than snot (that's for the dancin'!) and had to get some grip pads for them. here's what they look like: http://tiny.cc/itC6o

they should be available at any shoe store.
when I got mine, I went out shuffled around on an asphalt driveway for a while. Think about a really tired two step.

*love* the shoes BTW. I need a pair to make my winter wardrobe complete!
So I got some of those stick on grippie thingies and I think I'm good. Now I just need someone to take me out line dancing ;)
But you can't line dance now--they won't "scoot" on the floor any more!

Don't worry about being a "poser." These things are NOT for riding. Only good ol' round-toes Ropers will do for actual working. Your boots are for daincin'!

FWIW, even Ropers have leather soles. I always take a new pair and have them resoled with rubber soles. Bit of a pain, but slipperiness aside, leather soles wear out FAST.
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