Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I've been promising this for AGES, and I've been working on it here and there for just as long but sometimes the simplest-seeming things can be the most complex. When it comes to the underappreciated yet used by everyone accessory the wallet, simple yet complex is definitely true. Anyway, after a whole lot of messing around and more do-overs than I can remember, I've finally arrived at what I think are a couple of awesome mens wallet designs.

First, the flip out. This style can be sort of hard to find, and since it happens to be Boy's favorite, I figured I had better figure out how to keep him supplied, you know?

This version is lined in one of the awesome "Germania" fabrics from Jay McCarroll:
red flipout
same style, less bright:
navy flipout

Then, a standard bi-fold style with velcro closure:
brown robot bifold
still loving the robot fabrics!
And because I can't go a day without making something with an inset, robotic goodness+ bling:
silver robot bifold

All four are in the shop now!

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