Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've Been Published!

Yikes, Spring. It seems like I got zero warning before life reverted back to the overscheduled insanity that is the warm weather months.
Good news: the garden situation is now top notch! Huge thanks to my garden angel Linda for the lend of a super nice tiller, a boat load of composted horse manure from her farm, and some very sage gardening advice. Also for the "Egyptian onions", which, after a quick peek at the internets, are aka "walking onions". A perennial onion, who knew? More on that later for sure.

Anyway, one of the exciting events that you may have gotten a sneak peek about if you follow me on Twitter or Flickr is my authorial debut:
sew stylish article

Needless to say, I'm ridiculously excited about this. My first published piece! What you see above is by moi... I'm a contributor in this seasons' Taunton's Sew Stylish magazine! On news stands now, it's the Spring 2010 issue and it's absolutely LOADED with fantastic projects and tips to add to your sewing repertoire. Do go pick up a copy, won't you?

Congratulations! It's about time!
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