Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Best Date I've Ever Been On

So I turn 40 this year.
My apologies to those of you who who envision me as a 20-something hottie hipster.

To celebrate the milestone, I asked for "princessery' from Boy...and said that I wanted to be surprised. He's not a big planner, you see, so in the interest of princessery, I knew I'd have to give him plenty of heads-up.
Anyway, when I got a call at home one day, Boy asking about my schedule for June, I knew something good must be up.
He aims to please, but as much as I truly wanted to be surprised, when it came right down to it and I was given a set of dates to put on my calendar, I realized there was really no way I could deal with packing for some unknown destination and activity. So at my request the itinerary was revealed a couple of weeks in much screaming and clapping and jumping up and down by me.

Because what 40 year-old hottie hipster wouldn't want to go to Paris? Excellent, excellent work, Boy. The best surprise EVER!

And can I submit my request now for being taken on a surprise trip for, say, my 42nd birthday?

So I showed you Julia at the Smithsonian the other day. That was our quick little one day warm-up stop on the road to Paris, and for this food and cooking and eating enthusiast, there could not have been a more fitting Paris prelude than a visit to the kitchen of she who introduced us all (Americans, that is) to the idea of food and cooking and eating enthusiasm. Heck, she practically invented the hobby of food.

So Paris...It was the first visit there for both of us and we're already looking forward to going back. It took over my senses like a drug and unlike anywhere else I've ever been. It was amazing and overwhelming, and without a doubt, the best date I have ever been on.
another self portrait fail

Huge, HUGE props to my most excellent Boy. It was princessery by definition, and I can't imagine a better trip anywhere, ever, or with a better companion.

I have lots more to share, coming soon.
Like croissants.
And wine.
And dairy products.

Excellent job, Boy! And welcome to the 40+ club. It's not TOO bad.
I read your blog faithfully - and love it! - but I don't think I've ever commented. But PARIS? I'm so happy for you! It's my very favorite city and I'm always so so happy when other people love it, too. And welcome to the over 40 club!
Hey, thanks for chiming in, Kimba! Now that I've been there, I completely understand why having a pied-a-terre in Paris is people's dream. SUCH an amazing place.
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