Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

who knew it would be so gorgeous in person?
I know, theirs isn't for 10 more days, but did I tell you I was going to Paris? I was, and I did, and it was fabulous! It was my first time there and my first real vacation in a really long time. I'll tell you more about it and show you all my delicious swag later, but for now I have some of my photos up on Flickr here.
We made a quick pre-stop in DC to visit Julia's kitchen at the Smithsonian which I had been wanting to do forever. It was awesome, but what turned out to be my favorite part of that leg was seeing the original star spangled banner, circa 1814. It's pretty incredible to see and has an even more incredible history, and you can get a peek of the exhibition here. Go take a look. No better day than today!

I had forgotten how much work it is to go on vacation. Whew. I need a vacation.

My garden is going nuts! I have an insane number of tomato plants and they're all looking good. So far the not cute but functional fence is doing it's thing, but the deer are creepy tame around here this year so you never know. They actually walk TOWARD us instead of running away. I'll try and do a full review soon, but here's where we're at two months in:garden progress july fourth

Happy fourth!

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