Friday, August 13, 2010

Growing Update

Garden porn, anyone?
todays haul8-13-10

This is just a small sampling of the bounty from my garden....


To start with, that's a gallon bag of green beans. I thought they were done for the season and the next minute I look and see they are busting out everywhere. Again.
And six big cukes to go with the dozen that are already waiting for some attention in my fridge. Cucumbers. Look away from them for .05 second and there are ten more huge new ones that just grew.
The tomatoes are a mix of San Marzano, Amish Paste and Italian Heirloom, all intended for "putting up".
I'll tell you all about that adventure later.
The big yellow-ish ones are an eating tomato called Hillbilly Potato Leaf, and they are a beautiful and delicious work of art. Remember that bread from the WFO I showed you a few weeks ago? With some mayo and salt and pepper, those suckers make the best and most gorgeous lunch you will ever eat.

The putting up tomatoes, post the tomato carnage that is peeling and seeding, made for fourteen pounds of tomatoes to hit the freezer.


Tomorrow is just a day away.

Welcome to my life. Processing tomatoes. It's what I do.
And cucumbers.
Anyone need any pickles?

I might be 1/3 of the way through the crop.

So far, the goal I set for this season's gardening adventure, that of being able to put up enough of this stuff to last us through until next summer...not looking like a problem. In fact, if you don't hear from me about gardening, say, anytime in the next five years, you'll know our stash has held out.

Now if you'll pardon me, I have to get back to my food sealer.

Have you tried offering Pup Cake some fresh cuke slices? My hounds love them! Seriously cute to have a bunch of big dogs standing around crunching veggies.
Hi Shelley
That would be aweseome! PupCake is so broken in the eating department. No interest in food, like ever. Not even dog treats. And forget having a floor cleaner upper unless we're talking bacon. Then he's definitely in.
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