Monday, August 09, 2010

Street Food Friday

So, at long last, the Twin Cities finally get street food! Recently legalized and suddenly a big, awesome thing, justlikethat.

Boy and I took a quick little field trip downtown to check out a couple of the offerings. First, it was Chef Shack. I missed getting my hands on the last of what looked like delicious tamales by half a minute, but we did partake of some pretty awesome grass-fed braised beef tacos, a dose of the much-anticipated Indian spiced mini donuts, and a couple of Arne Palmers:
Everything was delicious, and we had a great time hanging out on the corner and people watching.
It took him quite a while to decipher the menu, but PupCake insisted we chase the tacos and mini donuts with a lobster roll from the guys at Smack Shack who were parked at what they told me is their permanent location on 1st. Av. N by the Fine Line.
pupcake ordering at smack shack
It was pretty good and I'd never complain about a whole bunch of lobstah on buttery, toasted bread on a gorgeous Friday afternoon in Minneapolis, but the shrimp po'boy the person in front of us in line ordered looked better...amazing actually. That is going on my must-try list for next time.

I'm looking forward to seeing where the food truck movement takes us! If you want a quick, fool-proof way to find yourself a food truck lunch any day of the week in either downtown, checkout the tcstreetfood feed over on Twitter, or the website a fellow street-food enthusiast has been so kind to have started.

OK, I will go back with you for the shrimp po'boy. yum.
Nice review. The shrimp po'boy is definitely my fav at Smack.

Thanks for the shout-out.
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