Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sucking up Summer

You guys know about Spoonflower, right? They've been around long enough now that it's hard not to have come into contact with their realm of e-shopping awesomeness, but in case you aren't in on the whole wicked addiction, take my advice and go check it out. But be warned, it's a brothel for fabric whores, and you will not escape without buying something. But it will be so, so worth it. I promise.

A while ago I succumbed to...ahem....several of the gazillion awesome user-generated fabric patterns over at Spoonflower, and those fabrics have been burning a hole in my worktable ever since.

I've been hip-deep in sewing lately, keeping busy with day-to-day orders and trying to get my stock up to date and replenished for an upcoming show. And so I figured it was high time I got to work on doing something with some of that Spoonflower awesomeness.
olive awesome
lavender madness

Seriously. Aren't those fabrics JUST. TOO. MUCH? And I must say I'm pretty darn happy with the bags they got made into, too. In fact, that purplely business is my new favorite color of leather, and I may or may not have made two of that particular beauty so that I can keep one for myself.

Anyway. Those are just a tease. I have several other new styles and a whole bunch of new leathers and I'll be premiering them all this Saturday at the Spirit of the Lakes Festival in Mound. Come have a look and a chat and a gawk at the locals (I predict they'll be in the beer tent). The art show is 11-7, with some pretty awesome fireworks to follow if you want to stick around.
And psssssst! There's mini-donuts. Just in case you can't make it another month until the state fair.


Holy crap those are made of awesomeness. And I'm not even a bag lady. But even I can recognize a $400 purse when I see it. Please don't sell that for less than I think it's worth, okay? Because then I might feel compelled to buy it. <3
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