Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Envelope Clutch

I think we all know I'm a huge fan of the stylish, fun bag.  And I think any handbag user knows that those two things are not always in the same category as practical and functional.  Stuff falls out or the bag flops around or is too impractical to carry, yet isn't the ultimate point of a handbag to be functional and to make our lives easier?  Clutches have always begged this question for me.  As elegant as they may be, girl doesn't always have a free arm to keep some handle-less bag pinned to the side of her body, or a free hand to clutch the clutch.  Fumbling and spilling and looking burdened, tres non chic.   It's been my dilemma with the style forever.  It's taunted me.  Teased me.  Tickled me to create a solution.  How to preserve sleek and simple while adding practical?

Designed and whipped up on the fly as the result of finding myself in the midst of a handbag emergency, here's my take--a flat, stylish envelope-type clutch with a wristlet for ease of carrying and with enough structure to banish the flop.  Best of all, it incorporates a hidden zip closure keep the contents secure.  Inspired by the need for something a little bigger than my mini-clutch and by all the great envelope clutches that have come before:
envelope clutch

And the deal sealing, practical-izing interior:
envelope clutch interior

I love that this simple style is a blank canvas for embellishment, and that the wristlet gives a little sneak peek at the fun interior fabric.  The possibilities are endless.  Need an extra pocket on the back?  No problem.  A fancy decorative inset or cutwork element on the exterior?  Absolutely.  Bright and happy or dark and subdued?  Either way, handy and multi-purpose and utterly useful.  I think I'll take one of each!

Here's wishing you happy sewing in the new year!


Want. How long before that's up on etsy? :-)

I am hoping Monday. They will be in leather/fabric to spec.
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