Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy 2013!

We did our annual New Years' Day brunch again this year--it's either year five or six of this particular party, and this year we introduced new feature you can oogle over at Modern in MN.  It's tarty and exciting but not edible.
Here's a look at the spread this year:
brunch buffet 2013-2

brunch buffet 2013

Looking back through my photos, I seem to have lost or more likely never gotten around to taking the 2012 brunch buffet shot, which is inconvenient given the fact that I can't remember what I've served from year to year and thus risk repeating dishes I may not want to.  Sigh.
Don't worry, though.  One can count on the DIY waffle bar and homemade almond croissants from now until eternity (should I be so fortunate as to have an eternity), but there's a lot of other stuff that I either want or don't want to make again and could use a little help remembering.
Anyway, it's a good thing that this year, or technically the end of last year, marks when I've finally gotten around to keeping a party journal to document menus and planning to revisit how things came out or didn't, as both nostalgia and reference.  In my wishful thinking, delusional playland, I'd be one of those people who has meticulously recorded and filed every detail of every party I've ever had--menus with recipes, invitations and guest lists plus clever little anecdotes and follow up about the party itself. I have yet to become THAT person.  Yet it seems like a simple, easy enough little step to keep track of just menus or whatever, and I've actually had the blank journal purchased for such a purpose for at least a year, but it wasn't until planning for this year's brunch that I finally busted it out and committed to keeping track of things.  Neatness and organization be darned--at least I'll have some kind reference even if it means paging through a jumble of scrawled and scribbled randomness.  That seems to be a lot closer to my reality anyway.

What do you wish for your reality for 2013?  Lots of tasty and good things, I hope!

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