Monday, June 13, 2005

Continuing on the popcorn theme

Sadly, I have yet to find any of the Orville Redenbacher Cinnabon popcorn I discussed (and begged for) in a previous post, but during my perusal of the popcorn aisle on my errand for real popping corn, I happened to spy this and figured it was worth a try:

I wasn't expecting much, as products like this are typically inedible by anyone other than those that are the target audience for the ill-fated blue and green ketchup. Anyway, it was a pleasant suprise. They say it's marshamallow and I was having a hard time imagining how that would work, but really it's just a regular bag of microwave popcorn with a little packet of "marshamallow" that you drizzle over the top after popping. It's less sticky than one would expect of a marshmallow, and actually very similar to in taste and smell to that icing that goes on a Toaster Strudel after toasting. Boy said it tasted like Lucky Charms. It's not super sweet and the salt of the popcorn is a nice compliment...for the sugar-junkie in me that is. I'm looking forward to enjoying the second bag.

Mmmm I must try this since I adore Lucky Charms.
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