Sunday, October 22, 2006

In A Pattern of Cooking

I was all poised in front of the TV yesterday in plenty of time to catch the second episode of Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie, unlike last week when I had been awaiting the premier for a month, planned to be home on Saturday morning and even had the TV on and then forgot to watch it because I was too busy vacuuming or something. Ugh. Anyway, yesterday I was parked on the couch nice and early and also caught America's Test Kitchen, another public television show that I really enjoy but rarely remember to tune in to. They happened to be making sticky of my favorite things and I just coudn't shake the idea of hot, yummy rolls for breakfast.

I baked these up last night and we enjoyed them with omlettes this morning. They are delicious, although I have to disagree that they are the perfect sticky bun. I'm not crazy about the sweetness and extremely soft texture of the dough but they were pretty quick and easy in comparison to some of the recipes I've tried. Regardless, it's worth a once-over for sure. Registration is required to view or print the recipe but there's a lot of other useful information to make it worth your while.

The sticky buns look awfully delicious.

No wonder I couldn't find the show onmy TiVo, it starts with Gormet!!
What a fantastic photo! Did you take this? I'm envious then because every bun is perfectly shaped and the same height. Not at MY house they aren't! Thanks for your great links.
You just need a baking ruler. I keep a 18" clear plastic one in my baking equipment drawer specifically for making these and croissants.
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