Monday, October 02, 2006

Noni Bobbles Bag: Part Two

Even though the weather is very un-woolish, I've resumed knitting on the Noni Bobbles Bag that I started way back when.

Fresh from my afternoon trip to Coldwater Collaborative, these are five of the sixteen skeins of Cascade called for to make the bobbles. Originally I tried looking up the color numbers from the pattern on the Cascade website but things weren't matching up so rather than drive myself nuts trying to track down sixteen of the 220 colors, some of which are either misnamed or misnumbered on the pattern, I decided I was just going to wing it and choose colors I like.
I also picked up the flyer for this weekends' Shop Hop. Is anyone out there planning on doing the full circuit? I'm thinking if the weather is nice I may attempt it via motorcycle....

In other knitting news, I just ordered five skeins of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande to start another winter project, the Fisherman's Shrug (the pattern is from Lion Brand...ssshhhh. It's also free which, had I known would have saved me having to buy the magazine). As much as I hate spending a bunch of money on yarn for a FO of questionable flattery to my figure, I really wanted to knit this shrug and I absolutely cannot stomach the idea of using acrylic yarn. For ANYTHING. Anyway, my history suggests you can look for this one to be done just in time for spring :)

I need to live vicariously through someone so keep on buying that yarn!

Seriously, I really like the colors of your soon to be bobbles.
I'm planning on making it around the full circle. Should be fun - and I'd LOVE to win that grand prize! I'm going with my friend Kerry and we've agreed to split it if either of us wins.

I've been thinking about making the bobble bag too, so if you want to sell your leftover colors, let me know!
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