Thursday, February 08, 2007

Getting My Organized On

Remember last week, when I was carrying on about the crazy state of disorganization of my studio (aka, "your crack room" as described by Boy)?
Well, I'm all about doing something about things that bug me, and I've been pecking away at getting things under control in there ever since.
Behold, my cheery and (mostly) organized studio:

Even Little Kitty approves. That purple velvet chair is her favorite place to nap and no doubt she's thanking me for digging it out from under a random pile of stuff. Stuff which apparently was not enough an obstacle to keep her from her beloved nest. I vacuumed enough hair off the stupid thing to cover two entire cats. And that's my old and almost non-working sewing machine down there in the corner. I got it for a high school graduation gift, and I can't decide if I can bear to part with it even though some salesperson told me once that it couldn't be fixed. I still think she was just trying to get me to buy a new one...

Do you see? I even got around to hanging some things on the wall!

Isn't part of the fun of having art supplies getting to revel in all their crafty deliciousness? I wanted some way to be able to have everything out and easily accessible yet still nice and neat and inspiring looking. And because I'm always looking for excuses to feed my borosilicate glass addiction, I decided that beakers would be the perfect organizational solution for some of my previously stashed away loot. I ordered these online, by the case from Indigo Instruments which also makes them rather dirt cheap. Or at least inexpensive, particularly considering the joy I feel when I survey the colorful union of beaker and crayon. I got three sizes, 250, 400 and 600ml, and found that the 250ml size is just about perfect for a handful of any pen shaped things. Big handfulls work well in the 400ml size, and the 600's work great for bigger items. Plus now I can do chemistry experiments in my spare time.

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What a gorgeous space. And to think I was happy I had a closet! :-)
Now I know where you've been!
The space looks great, I think I need to come over and craft!
Just make sure the crayons don't melt in the window!!!

I really am quite envious of the beaker beauty.
Wow--Your House is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your interior pictures--I have always been a fan of Modern Houses. Okay and old ones (mine is 101 yrs old). Your taste is exquisite.
River Falls, WI has a place that does sewing machine repair and cleaning, you should check it out.
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