Monday, February 26, 2007

I Think I Could Win an Award

...for the most IKEA stuff in the fewest square feet, ever.

This is the south wall of my studio. Originally, I had left it white and blank, with the intent to use it as a design wall for larger scale paint and fabric projects by rigging up some kind of temporary hanging system. But I just couldn't cope with it's whiteness.
Or it's blankness.
So I had to go and put something useful on it and IKEA's ANTONIUS wall organizing stuff, along with their KLUDD noticeboard, seemed the perfect solution.
I love how the ANTONIUS thing has all kinds of little plastic boxes and bins and clips that fit right onto the board, and that hook rail is just the bomb. Because I HEART hooks. And it makes just the most perfect place to store all the things that I use on a regular basis and want to have handy, along with some arty and crafty stuff that I just enjoy looking at. Because you never know when some crazy idea might pop into my head and demand to get born and I wouldn't want to have to go frantically searching for a paintbrush or my sketchbook, lest it become hypoxic and suffocate.
The idea, that is.

So, along with the wall-o-deliciousness, I also got around to getting an actual light fixture to replace the keyless (i.e. light bulb screwed into a socket) fixture that had been there over the sink all this time. This one is IKEA's KRYSSBO and I think it's fab in a girly, pink walled room kind of way.

And yes, that's and IKEA mirror, along with their DOMSJO sink and LAXAN sink stand that I've told you about before.

The only problem with all of this progress is that I still need to actually paint these two walls, because that white friends, is just primer.
Which means everything is going to have to come back down again.
So much for organized.

I recognize the letters, but not sure on the words. :) ... maybe you're missing some umlats(sp?)...
Hi, I was wondering if the Kludd Noticeboard comes with the materials needed to mount it to the wall... or do you have to buy it?
hi emily
you'd just need some screws and likely some drywall anchors to mount it it's attached via those little gray standoffs in each corner.
Thanks! Awesome page by the way!!! =)
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