Thursday, February 22, 2007

Reporting on WFDW

Did you watch Top Design? Did you see PupCake's dog bed fabric turned into the jumping off point for what ended up being one really, really ugly room?
Pretty funny.
Everything in moderation, people, everything in moderation. Even so, I did completely love the folding stool seats painted up all cutesy like and that could hang on the wall when not being used. I think they should sell them to me, or at least put them on Ebay so I can bid on them.

Then, on to our WFDW menu. It was a Boy choice week and the Irish Beef Stew he chose turned out to be really yummy. More of a soup, than a stew really, but still yummy.

And you can see some of the latest loaf of No Knead bread there in the background. The verdict? Regular flour and 1/4 tsp more salt= not as good.

And here's a pic of the uncooked Chinese New Year's Cake, aka Neen Gow, which we haven't actually tried any of yet because I didn't realize until I set about making it yesterday afternoon that it needed to sit for a day before it would be ready to eat. So steamed it was and sat it has, and next it gets sliced up, dipped in egg and fried. Not sure about that whole deal, but the other glutinous rice flour product I'm familiar with, sesame balls, I totally love, so hopes are high. Full report tomorrow on that one.

Your soup/stew looked so good, I had to go eat something!
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