Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's For Dinner Wednesday?

We started with an Asian chopped salad, dressed with a quick vinagrette of seasoned rice vinegar, a dash or two of toasted sesame oil, fresh chopped ginger, and soy:

I added some julienned apple to the toss and the sweetness it added was a welcome foil to the main dish, shrimp cakes with chili-lime cream sauce:

This was SO GOOD! I served it with rice and doubled the sauce, (being a saucy girl and all) so there would be plenty to soak up. It was spicy and limey and although I was unsure of how well the combination of flavors would work, it was just fabulous with the rich, crispy sweetness of the shrimp cakes that took all of 15 minutes to throw together. The sauce should have been a little thicker I think, but I was freaking out at the idea of adding a stick and a half of butter to anything, so I only used half.
Although I turned it into an entree, the recipe is intended as an appetizer and if I were going to serve it like that, I'd find a way to make the sauce more like a thick dip (maybe with sour cream) so I could serve it cold, and then mold the shrimp cake mixture around skewers instead of making them into cakes. But really, it's super duper yummy just as is, whether an app or a main and again, I am reminded of the whole point of WFDW.

Have y'all seen the MOOPocket on Whipup? Thanks Boogaj! And have you seen our bathroom over at Apartment Therapy's Bathroom month? It sure is interesting to read the comments and get an idea of other peeps take on our house. And I must say I am most curious to know where 'the other patrick' thinks we've thrown caution to the wind and paid no attention to budget...I must have been in Fiji getting a massage on the beach that day.

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