Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Call Me the Condiment Queen

I've developed a rather deep relationship (ahem...obsession) with CB2 of late. They just have so many cool things, and the prices are great. And, as you may recall, I'm also a little obsessed with borosilicate glass stuff, aka lab or chemistry glass. It's just so thin and shiny and clear that it calls my name for a multitude of uses. So, when I spotted CB2's newish collection of borosilicate glass I practically ran for my credit card so I could order some up.
Fresh from the UPS guy's hands and it's 'made in China' box, my new salt cellar :

Or at least it's a salt cellar in my world, because, while I find the concept of a salt pig fantastic, I have this little issue called cat hair at my place and I'd really rather not allow it to become more of a condiment than it already is if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, that makes any kind of open vessel not so Casa Splatgirl friendly.
Anyway, I absolutely must have my seaonings close at hand while I cook and this little dish with lid seemed the perfect replacement for my former, tired little old salt container.
Needless to say, it makes me so happy to see it sitting there on the rangetop filled with it's Kosher salty deliciousness.
And here it is with it's other salty friends (yes, that's three kinds of salt yet I don't own an actual salt shaker...), and my other favorite rangetop accessory, my Peugeot pepper mill:

While I was there , over at CB2 I mean, I also ordered that little borosilicate pitcher thinking it would be great for serving sauces or syrup. Truth be told, I don't even care if it gets used, because I just love the way it looks. And it was all I could do NOT to order this. And don't even get me started on how much I want about a hundred of these, and these, and these.
And OMG. Now I've just seen that these are on sale for only .95 cents! As if all of that stuff wasn't cheap enough already.


Okay, I adore this!

That dish was MADE for your salt. Just perfect!

Sometimes I will find myself nonchalantly picking a cat hair out of a piece of banana bread or mashed potatos and realize 'crazy cat lady' is a not so distant possibility.
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