Monday, May 14, 2007

Smells Like...

Greetings from Casa Splatgirl. Yes, I'm still here, and haven't yet managed to sew myself up into a MOOPocket and ship myself off to someplace exotic in a little kraft paper mailer. Given the major sucklitude of how the new postal rate increases are screwing me, I'm certain I couldn't afford that anyway.

So, remember how I told you about my sansavaria blooming a while ago? Well, that little situation has gotten curiouser and curiouser.
Fortunately, I chose to ignore the obvious bunk I read someplace on the internet that said to cut the bloom shoots off or the plant would die. Yea, right. Even a solid year of blatant neglect, cave-like lighting conditions and only a couple of waterings wasn't enough to faze it.
Fortunately, since this one was a gift from a friend. I've grown it up from just a couple of shoots she gifted me from her plant, which she got from her grandmother and which is evidently over 100 years old!
Anyway, those moist (eu, I just typed the grossest word ever) alien looking things looks like this now:

and those little suckers are so insanely fragrant that it's smelled like I've had a gigantic bunch of lillies in the house for the last two weeks. Not as pretty as lillies, but the exact same scent only more potent and for free! How cool is that?

In other news, yesterday mornings' breakfast, the famous puffy pancake:

A fine and extra puffy specimen if I do say so myself, despite the fact that it deflated like one second before I got to snap the picture. I had to make them with soy milk which I felt was a little questionable but I think they puffed better than any other before and tasted just the same. (For those of you in the know, is soy milk a viable alternative in any baked good? That would be fantastic to know, because I NEVER, EVER buy regular milk and that has a tendency to limit what I can bake without having to run to the store.) And too bad you can't see the puddles of butter hiding in the crevices. It was definitely a just add syrup kind of morning.

And, it's official. My Nike+IPod transmitter chip thingie is kaput. I'm so pissed. I feel like I just can't go on without it, and I've only been using it since like January so there's no possible way the battery could be used up but it's not registering any mileage and my last two workouts have clocked like the longest minute per mile pace in the history of the world and that is completely unacceptable because it screws up my all important stats which is a major boo. So, feeling sorry for myself and not wanting to waste another $30 bucks on a new one, I decided to up the tech ante a bit and ordered a geeky new workout toy which I will tell you about just as soon as it arrives.
On the bright side of this recent gadget death, I have always been annoyed at how I can't use both the IPod radio plug in thing AND the Nike+IPod thing at the same time, and now that problem should be solved. Once and for all, hopefully.

I use soy milk all the time when I bake and have never seen or tasted a big difference. While I am not vegen, I actually prefer to bake that way. I think my baked goods are moister (yuk, that word again). I love using apple sauce instead of eggs, but if you use to much the middle caves in.
The word moist reminds me of a class I took recently. The instructor said (it was a first-aid class) "If it's wet and it's not yours, don't touch it." I about puked. Cece
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