Thursday, August 02, 2007

New from MOO

Somehow I got in good with the peeps over at MOO, and as if it wasn't great enough that they sent me a set of their uber cool note cards for free back when they were newly introduced, I scored another secret offer to take advantage of a book of their cool new stickers.
This new product from MOO was actually introduced back around mid July so I'm a bit late to the party because of the eternity that is the mail service from London to here, but they've arrived and they are super neato!

They're about 3/4" square, and I think they'll work perfectly for an envelope seal or just for some general sticker naughtiness.
You make them in the same way as the other MOO products, using photos from Flickr or other hosting sites or uploading the images direct from your machine to MOO. They come 90 to a pack, six to each perforated sheet. Once again, YAY for MOO!!

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