Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For Your Oogling Pleasure

Are you sick of me carrying on about my deep, obsessive fascination with borosilicate glass yet? I think I'm headed for a twelve-step program. And the best clue that I am addicted?
You'll recall one of my recent proclamations: "I abhor chachke to the point that I think giving and buying it should be illegal"

But lab glass? That's not chachke, it's totally different. I mean, duh.

Not me.
Not addicted.
No way.

This monster just might have happened to show up from Ebay the other day....

It's a 6000ml boiling flask, aka the bigbeaker, and I caught the itch to have one from watching that new show on AMC, Breaking Bad. Have you seen it? (it's freakin hilarious and dark all at the same time in the way that Nip/Tuck used to be before it went lame)

Because in addition to being obsessed with borosilicate glass and the fact that I thought this jumbo beauty would make a nice addition to my trio of 250, 500, and 1000ml flasks, I am a freak for anything that is a play on scale.

But hey, it's not chachke, because I'm going to do something with it.
Like take up hydroculture or use it for a fish bowl, or, as Boy suggests, use it to hold sangria at our next party...

Pretty cool, eh?

I'm with you. I went looking for one after the premiere episode too!
I'm partial to Erlenmeyer flasks myself =)
I use those and teeny graduated cylinders for cut flowers (yeah, not too inspired, I know)
My 500ml straight beaker is used for OJ...my hand-power juicer fits nicely on top and the spout is good for pouring.
Funny, after I posted this I looked at the link to the show, and he's got THE one in his hand!

The Erlenmeyer was my gateway vessel, actually. I remember "breaking" mine and having to pay for it in 9th grade chemistry class so I could keep it.
BIG heart the graduated cylinders...trying to resist but now that you have given me the itch with your juice pitcher idea...
I use my little one in place of a shot glass when I'm mixing cocktails.
that'll be a shit load of sangria.
These from IKEA are cute and nice for mixing drinks!

this isn't quite the coffee lab looking setup I was searching for to show you, but it does use lots of fun glass!
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