Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fresh Strawberry Patch Strawberries

I had the opportunity to go strawberry picking the other day, and although I only spent an hour or so in the patch, I managed to pick seven and a half pounds of berries!
fresh picked strawberries
What a treat!
Before they even had a chance to lose their sunny warmth, I got to work whipping up some treats. The bowl- half what I picked-went straight into one seriously delicious pie, complete with homemade crust and fresh organic whipped cream. It was the most gorgeously red, fresh tasting strawberry pie I've ever made, and definitely worth the stiff neck and sunburnt shoulders.

Then, finding myself burdened with a post-pie leftover half pint of whipping cream, I cooked up another batch of strawberry sauce and some hot Belgian waffles to give that cream something to be plopped on top of. We ate them...many of them...for Sunday breakfast.
And the added bonus is, the batter recipe makes a ton, so there was plenty to tuck away in the fridge for Monday's breakfast.
And Tuesdays.
And Wednesdays, even.

Anyway, I told you once before about my affair with the yeast batter Belgian waffle, and this most recent go-around has reminded me of just how worthwhile it is to spend that bit of extra time making them. It's seriously the best most delicious waffle you'll ever eat, like eighty bajillion times better than an ordinary baking power leavened waffle.
Or an instant mix waffle? Phuleeze. You don't really use that, do you?
But instead of it taking five minutes to throw some batter together, it takes ten, plus you've got to let it rise for an hour.
It's worth it, I promise.
Plus, that hour gives you time to make your fruit sauce and whip the cream :)

I use the Joy of Cooking Belgian Waffle recipe, but this recipe is the same. It's one of the reasons I always make sure I've got at least a couple of packets of yeast in my pantry.
Because you just never know when you might get a Belgian waffle craving.

Yum. We love waffles. At our house we really like the overnight yeasted waffles -- I've convinced my kids to make the batter before they go to bed and we're up and making the waffles for a nice Saturday breakfast.
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