Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Crafting for Canines!

Today, Vanessa wants to know " do you do make doggie leashes and collars?"

Yes! Just ask my hound. He's got a whole collar wardrobe (as Boy tells him "get used to it buddy, it's part of life with the girl") and we've got plenty of friends decked out, Splatgirl Creates style, too. I have a couple up for sale on Etsy right now but prefer to take custom orders. As I've said, any use I can find for cute fabric...

I did these a couple of weeks ago for dear reader Kellys' pups Cleo and Osiris but I had to keep them a secret in order not to ruin the surprise:

A big doggie collar and leash set for Cleo from the neato red Asian print fabric that happens to be one of mine and my MOOPocket customers' favorites:

And a too-tiny-to-possibly-fit-any-dog-sized set for her Italian Greyhound Osiris:

And Kelly was lovely to indulge my demand for pictures:

Aren't her pups just adorable?
Thanks Kelly!!

:D No no! Thank YOU! :D

The pups look faboo in them. Best dressd doggies in the area.
The doggie collars are really putting me to sleep lately.zzzzzzzzzzzzz Could you please talk food again. Maybe the smell will wake me up!! Or show us more of your house! Cece
Rockin' blog. Love the food, house, dog collars. I think you copied our kitchen. When did you paint yours? We painted our Ralph Lauren Cascade blue a year ago in January. Do you make collars for corgis? Do you SNB? I am a knitter with Knitting Corgis blog.
I'm certain I've never seen your kitchen corgimom. Mine is a Benny Moore shade that in reality is nothing like the bizarre robins egg blue that it appears in photographs. It does look like you found my RL Racer Pink studio to your liking, however :)
Hope my cable rail write up was useful!
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